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KateGallison, Writer

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Here's the latest!

Monkeystorm cover

MONKEYSTORM is out in Kindle and Paperback.

It's the story of Carina Nebula (as she calls herself), who escapes from the forensic unit of a mental hospital, where she is unjustly serving time for stabbing her parents to death, in order to clear her name. When she teams up with an attractive homeless software designer (and possible vampire), they conspire to play mind games on her murderous brother and force him to confess. Brother Gilbert has plans of his own, of course, involving a few more murders.

Bucker Dudley cover

Meanwhile I'm hard at work on BUCKER DUDLEY, which is not a murder mystery but rather a tale of a seafaring girl's adventures during the War of 1812 between the Americans and the British. I've finished the first two sections and put them on Kindle — POLLY AT SEA, where she ships out on a man'o'war, dressed as a boy, and fights in a famous battle, and POLLY AT SACKETS, where she serves as a lady's maid to a young woman of ill repute, and they encounter what passes for Society on the Northwest frontier.

Author photo by Ballerina Biker Photography